Friday, April 24, 2009

Phở-nominal homemade soup

If you're a regular AMGE reader, you know how much I love Vietnamese phở soup. I got me a wild hair recently and purchased a couple of jars of Por Kwan Phở Vietnamese Beef Flavor Paste from an outfit in Los Angeles ...

... I decided to give it a whirl tonight.

While I was getting my broth going -- I added about half of my jar of Por Kwan Phở paste to about 8 cups of water -- I thinly sliced a small white onion; I sliced 8 Vietnamese meatballs, which I purchased at my favorite international market, in half; I chopped three green onions; and sliced-up a jalapeño pepper, seeds and all. All that went into a pot with some thin Vietnamese noodles and some bean sprouts (both of which were also procured at my favorite international market). To wit:

When the soup was done I poured me some in a bowl I specifically purchased, at the Nashville Flea Market, for homemade phở-eating purposes. I added a big dollop of my favorite Asian hot sauce, and I went to town.

This, my friends, was pretty damn good:

Come by my place if you want left-overs. I won't promise you that there'll be any left!


Anonymous said...

why didnt you try to cook real pho. only takes 10 hours. another lazy white man you are.

brian stanley said...

the best Vietnamese restaurant in Nashville is Miss Saigon on 5849 Charlotte Pike.