Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Down in mud-bug land ...

If the southern-third of Louisiana wasn't home to oppresive heat and humidity nearly year 'round, I could see myself living there. (I too-vividly recall being in New Orleans in November 1999 and sweating like like I was in Tennessee in August.)

That said, I almost -- almost -- wish I was living down there when I read stuff like this:

Every foodie worth her salt knows New Orleans is a destination for eats all year 'round, but the last weekend in April and first in May are something extraordinary.

The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival is about far more than the music. Though craftsmen display their wares all around the fairgrounds and music saturates the air, the food provided by about 70 different vendors is a huge draw. For some, it's the main draw -- so it's worth knowing that tickets to the second weekend of grub and tunes are still available.

Jazz Fest, which since its debut in 1970 has become the second most popular party in New Orleans, takes place during the beginning of the hot, sticky season in bayou country. This spell lasts about eight months, so it's no shock that good food and strong drink are so popular. Though NOLA is not technically a Cajun city, during the Fest one would be hard-pressed to find a better place for Louisiana's Cajun grub.

There's gooey, cheesy crawfish bread hailing from Marksville, classic spicy Cajun boudin (sausage) from Belle Chasse, rich crawfish etouffee from Gramercy that marries tender crawfish to a roux-based tomato sauce, and a beautiful, dark pheasant, quail and andouille gumbo from Prejean's restaurant in Lafayette.

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Epper in Bama said...

Riding on the city of New Orleans, it is my favorite city to do business in. We can get drunk and eat lots of crawfish there. Lets go! Did you notice that the link you provided said crayfish? what the hell is a crayfish?

Mister Jimmy said...

Don't forget, Memphis In May is coming up. Good time to eat some BBQ (and some pretty good 'burgers), hear some music and tour Graceland!
(Among all the legendary and hyped burgers available, I a simple 'burger available at Loeb's BBQ. One of my fondest - and last - memories of my late mother is sitting outside at the Loeb's near the hospital and enjoying a burger and a Coke. I've heard that Loeb's BBQ has been bought out, but I intend to check the quality of their food when I visit my sister next month.)