Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Buon ristorante

The folks at Slashfood have up their list of the best Italian restaurants in the U.S.A. Knoxville's Savelli's Italian Restaurant is included in the list. To wit:

Blink and you'll drive right past the hole-in-the-wall where Mama Savelli's Chicken Surprise, bursting with artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes and a creamy lemon sauce, will take up permanent residence in your best food memories bank. We really amore the BYOB policy.

I've been to Knoxville many dozens of times; but this is the first I've ever heard of Savelli's Italian Restaurant. The place kinda reminds me of Nashville's Mama Mia's hole-in-the-wall Italian joint ... which is my favorite in-town Italian restaurant. (Note to Slashfooders: Mama Mia's has a strict BYOB policy, too.)

Next time I'm over near where the Tennessee River begins, I'm gonna make it a point to head to Savelli's. You'll hear about it when I do.


Brian Stanley said...

Where is Mama Mias? That is a new one on me.

Joltin' Django said...

4671 Trousdale Dr.
Nashville, TN 37204

Trousdale is near where Harding Place goes over I-65.

Hope that helps.