Monday, April 06, 2009

Gots to get over there ...

I missed the story in the Nashville City Paper 'bout Williamson County's newest -- first? -- authentic Russian restaurant:

Tucked in the back of an unassuming strip mall in Cool Springs, Taste of Russia may be Williamson County’s best kept culinary secret. But with an extensive selection of authentic dishes served at reasonable prices, this charming restaurant already has attracted a loyal following within the local dining scene.

"Everyone seems to like to try something new," said owner and chef Yuriy Kvaternyuk, who relocated from the Ukraine nearly seven years ago, bringing with him a culinary degree and a knack for Old World flavors. "We bring in the best ingredients to make the best dishes."

Three years ago, Kvaternyuk and his wife purchased Aleksey’s Market on Thompson Lane, a popular grocery/delicatessen specializing in foods from Russia and Eastern Europe. But he received so many requests from his customers regarding traditional dishes and recipes that he decided to open Taste of Russia in November.

Read the rest here.

Mr. Mordecai and I are gonna have to get over to Taste of Russia, soon.


Mister Jimmy said...

Who is this Mordecai? That link goes to an unidentified blog.
That soup looks tasty!

Brian Stanley said...

There is a Russian market in Nashville over on Harding. I can't remember the name

lastmango2 said...

Taste of Russia is great - you'll like the slavic beers and the food! Be sure to get the dumplings. I went with a large group and everything was good - cabbage rolls, salmon, borsch ect. Don't be in a hurry - sometimes service can be slow.

The Russian market is owned by the same folks that own Taste of Russia. It is on Thompson Lane, across from 100 Oaks and in the little strip mall where the Applebees is located. It is in the corner by the Mattress King. Fun stuff. I like trying the different beers and the little cheese turnovers (can't think of the real name). The FETA and other cheese is awesome. Don't bother trying the Russian coffee.

webbie said...

I ate at Taste of Russia last week and I really enjoyed it. Of course, I had stuffed cabbage and fried taters, so how bad could that be?