Monday, April 20, 2009

Gyros, Chicago-style

Let's talk about Chicago Style Gyros on Harding Place. I first stumbled across this fine establishment, which is housed in an old Long John Silver restaurant, 'bout 3 years ago. I'm ashamed that it's taken me this long to tell you about the place.

I love me a good gyro. Always have. When I was a kid, the closest thing to ethnic food that I knew was the gyro joint in the food court at Hickory Hollow Mall. I can still remember how out-of-the-ordinary it was to watch a feller slice meat on a grilled pita from a spinning vertical meat-tube. That kinda thing will stick with you, indeed.

I still love me a good gyro. (Friends and family who've been to Nashville's Greek Festival avec moi can attest to such.) And every time I want a good - nay, a great gyro - I head over to Chicago Style Gyros.

I've probably been to Chicago Style Gyros 20 times, and every time I've ordered the same thing: gyro 'n' fries 'n' a drink ($5.49) ...

Chicago Style's gyros come on grilled pitas just bursting with juicy grilled meat -- and lettuce and tomatoes and cucumber sauce, and hot peppers upon request.

Chicago Style's fries are not only, well, fried to order, they are dusted with a spicy seasoning prior to being served. I've tried to figure out what's in that seasoning, but I've come up short at every taste-filled turn. (Oh, well, just means that I need to try and try again ...!)

I don't think I've ever left Chicago Style Gyros without exclaiming - either to myself or to those with whom I've dined - "Damn, that was good!" And I've never, ever left the place hungry. Indeed.

Get thee over to Chicago Style Gyros sooner rather than later. And tell 'em Joltin' Django sent you.

Chicago Style Gyros
346 Harding Place
Nashville, Tennnessee 37211


Brian Stanley said...

I have seen that place. It looked like a dive to me. On your recommend I am going to give it a try.

Mordecai said...

Mordecai can confirm every word of this.

When we goin'???

Anonymous said...

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Joltin' Django said...

Huckleberry dumplings are ...You think you're pretty cute and/or clever, don't you? You are neither, and it's just sad to watch you make an ass out of yourself with each subsequent unlearned, crass, 'n' crude comment.

If you're not already under the care of a mental health professional, you need to get thee to one post haste. Indeed, if there's a soul on earth who needs to be on a daily regimen of psychotropic meds, it's you.

[I've fucked around with you long enough, and I ain't posted no more of your dipshit comments. Oh, and if you're so fucking smart, how come you can't even think up one single nom de guerre?! Idiot.]

Anonymous said...

I agree with Joltin' Django about Chicago Style Gyros they are the F-ing best in town!!! Did you know they are a family chain?? I didn't know until I stumbled upon one on Dickerson Rd. across from Skyline Medical Hospital after my doctors appt. Then I heard from friends that they had one on Gallatin Rd., Mufreesboro and opening one in Franklin,TN?? Soon they are going to rule the GYRO WORLD lol.. but always customers leave full instead of hungry!!