Friday, December 05, 2008

Trouble this ...

I received an e-mail from Melbytwelve today in which ... well, here's something di-rect from said e-mail:

[Y]ou probably only have trouble cooking 50 cents packs of powder macaronni (sic) and cheese.

Trouble this, bitch:

For legal reasons, I'm not gonna tell you how to contact Melbytwelve. If you're hell-bent on tellin' him what you think, however, think about this: An Oyster Loves livin' in the Gulf of Mexico.

UPDATE: A few folks sent e-mails to ask what may have provoked Mr./Ms. Melbytwelve, and if there was more to his/her e-mail that I didn't let on. Let's just say that the whole of Melbytwelve's e-mail was an assault on everything I like to eat, cook, and drink. Since I haven't made powdered macaroni and cheese in ages, well, suggesting that I only use powder to make mac-and-cheese kinda got to me. So there.

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Anonymous said...

my sainted mother made casseroles in dishes like that!