Sunday, December 07, 2008

Fat Tire is so bloody phat ...!

I invited a friend to come over and watch today's Titans-Browns game wi' me. To thank me for my hospitality, my buddy brought me a big bottle of Fat Tire Amber Ale. (For the record, folks who bring me beer immediately cease being my "friend" and immediately become my buddy.) I'd never had Fat Tire beer before, but, by God, not many days are going to pass before I have it again.

I've always been a big fan of ales. If you know anything about beer, you know that an ale has a robust, almost fruity, flavor; it has a distinctive amber appearance when poured in a glass; and it produces an extra-frothy head that's a scourge to anyone sporting a moustache. Well, all that's why I like to pour me an ale when I'm gonna watch a ball game, read a book, or smoke me a cigar.

Fat Tire Amber Ale isn't the best ale that's I've ever poured over my lips ... but it's damn close. That ain't no ****, neither (apologies to Gunnery Sgt. Hartman). Fat Tire Ale has a rich flavor that just assaults the back of your tongue with hints of semi-dark chocolate and citrus, and then it makes peace in your belly as you're thinking to yourself, "I'm gonna enjoy the next gulp even more!"

I'm not no drunk or nothing, but I absolutely cannot wait until I can get to my favorite beer-'n'-wine warehouse to get me more than one bottle of Fat Tire Amber Ale. Yeah, it was that good.

POSTSCRIPT: Speaking of beer glasses, I got my favorite beer glass at a Memphis Redbirds game in August 2007. Here's Fat Tire Ale in said beer glass:


Brian Smith said...

Sam Smith is weeping

Joltin' Django said...

"Sam Smith is weeping"

Are you suggesting that the folks who brew Samuel Smith's Ale are weeping 'cause I had good things to say 'bout Fat Tire's ale?

Dude, you need to come up with a more original handle, indeed.

GingerSnaps said...

I'm with ya...I love the Fat's one of my new favorites!