Monday, December 15, 2008

Joltin' Django can flat smash a tater

I cooked up 10 lbs of mashed potatoes for my church's Room in the Inn program over the weekend. I'd cooked smashed taters before - and I'd done a damn job doin' it - but I'd never cooked so many taters for so many people before.

Cooking quality mashed potatoes ain't hard. All you need is potatoes, whole milk, real butter, salt and pepper. That's what I used to make my church taters:

I hesitate to toot my own horn when discussing what I altruistically-produced, if you will, but my 10 lbs of potatoes were completely gone 20 minutes after they'd been served. Indeed, I was cleaning my pot while folks were still eating fried chicken, several different casseroles, and various cakes and pies.

Lemme know if you want my recipe ...


Mister Jimmy said...

Now my grandma - God keep her - would say it ain't a real "osh" tater if you take the skin off, plus you lose some of the flavor and most of the nutrition. So, does the d'jango make his taters skins on or skins off?

Brian Stanley said...

A lesser man would have used flakes!

Joltin' Django said...

"So, does the d'jango make his taters skins on or skins off?"

My Granny Ruby skinned her taters, and I do the same. My Granny Ruby also told me that she wouldn't be caught dead putting nothing but real butter in her taters ... and I do that too!