Monday, December 01, 2008

Serendipity, part one (the Bar-B-Cutie connection)

'Bout two weeks ago, I told you about my experience eating - er, choking down - Bar-B-Cutie's chopped pork. Here's what I said:

I'm going to be brutally honest: I don't know what kept me from choking to death whilst eating [my Bar-B-Cutie BBQ] sandwich. ... Even after drowning the meat in BBQ sauce, I felt like I was trying to swallow shredded newspaper. If the meat'd not had small bits of smoked skin, I would've sworn that I was eating Whitt's dreadfully dry bar-b-crap. (Whitt's is just all gray meat and gristle.)

Well, imagine my surprise when I came home Saturday to find a glossy direct-mail ad from Bar-B-Cutie's catering division. To wit:

"Bring [Bar-B-Cutie] Barbeque To Your Office!" the ad says. I hate to say it, but I'd be more comfortable bringing raw mountain oysters to my company's Christmas party than Bar-B-Cutie's dreadfully dry cooked pork.

That said, I will give Bar-B-Cutie props for placing on its catering mailer a young lady who flat knows how to wear a pair of tight white jeans ... indeed!


Brian Stanley said...

Click the pic people and that chick's pants get even tighter!!!

Mister Jimmy said...

I'm not the fan of BBQ that you are, but I did have some that was pretty good from Hog Heaven once.
But the best I ever had was served up by my (late) Uncle Johnny, who had his own portable BBQ pit and went around the country taking part in BBQ events. You'd have swooned over the sauce he concocted. It was hot, sweet and sweaty all at the same time. You didn't know whether to keep going or stop and have a drink of something cold!