Thursday, December 04, 2008

Gimme, gimme, gimme!

There's a major perk that comes along with being a semi-successful eatin'/drinkin'/tobacco-usin' blogger: free junk from companies that want you to eat, drink, or huff their stuff. Most of it is indeed junk. But every so often a blogger gets something that he or she can really enjoy (like Duke's mayonnaise).

A few months back, I got a free sample of Red Man snuff from the Pinkerton Tobacco Company. The folks at Pinkerton asked me to sample the snuff and then send back a short questionnaire. I tried the snuff - first time I'd dipped snuff in 20 years - and then I told the truth on the questionnaire: I prefer loose leaf Red Man to Red Man snuff.

I was just a wee bit surprised when I opened my mailbox today to find a box from the Pinkerton Tobacco Company. Said box contained a "limited edition" Red Man tin with three cans of snuff. I thought to myself, "Wow. These guys really want me to switch from the pouch to the can!"

Well, I ain't gonna switch from the pouch to the can, but I am gonna enjoy every little bit of tobacco in my free cans o' Red Man snuff. And then I'm gonna stick that empty tin on my desk at home and fill it with something ... like Duke's mayonnaise!

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Brian Stanley said...

Don't you know dipping and chewing is bad for you?

(Reaching for a box of Marlboro Reds)