Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ron's, BFD (Back From the Dead)

Melissa writes:

Okay since I found your blog because of Ron’s and you share the same love for it, I had to share this with you. I googled trying to find Ron’s last name to contact him and found a website for the old Ron’s. I emailed them in hopes the site was still active and it was. Tangla emailed me back and said that their lease was expiring and the landlord raised the rent so they went looking. They just signed a lease for a place at 5359 Mt. View Road in the Kroger shopping center (I think this is the old Chinese buffet location probably). They couldn’t advertise the details until the deal was sealed but they hope to be open in a couple of weeks. They will have more room, a private dining area and I think what she’s most excited about, a REAL kitchen separate from the rest of the restaurant. She will send me more information as soon as they have the grand opening date set.

Melissa knows exactly what she's talking 'bout. I drove through the Hickory Hollow Kroger's parking lot today and I can confirm that Ron is preparin' a store in which his patented quality soul food will soon be served.

I'll have pics and things to say as soon as Ron opens back up. Stay tuned.

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