Wednesday, October 15, 2008

'Tis one super smoke

Somehow - I don't remember how - an Avo No 1 Lonsdale cigar made its way into my humidor. I smoked the sombitch today, and all I can say is: What a wonderful cigar!

First thing I noticed about my Avo No 1 was its construction. Indeed, a 1-inch ash formed before I had "tap" my cigar.

Second thing I noticed about my Avo was the fact that it was an incredibly mild smoke. It had subtle hints of pepper and cinnamon, and as soon as I had to discard the "stub," I was already pining for another one.

Like cigars? Get you an Avo. You'll be glad you did, indeed.

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Anonymous said...

i will come see you when your in the cancer ward