Wednesday, October 22, 2008


MillerCoors LLC announced Monday that it will discontinue the clear malt beverage Zima ... because of "challenging malternative segment sales and declining consumer interest." -- St. Louis Business Journal

Remember the clear beverage craze of the early and mid-90s? From that craze emerged an alcoholic beverage named Zima.

Zima never appealed to anyone who didn't have a vagina or who'd never donned a jock whist engaging in a sanctioned sporting endeavor. Indeed, Zima was not a beverage for a man needin' to eat. It was sweet and clear and it tasted like a Sprite that'd had a cheep beer poured into it.

Buh-bye, Zima. You will not be missed.

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Mister Jimmy said...

How many cases you got stashed? Really now, surely the DNC is the reason that Zima has been around as long as it has.