Saturday, October 25, 2008

You got some nerve callin' yourself "Gentleman"

I ain't one for bourbon whiskey. I prefer Tennessee whiskey, specifically George Dickel. Not only do the folks at the Dickel distillery turn out one über-smooth spirit, they use the traditional Scottish spelling of "whisky" on their bottles. The Scots-Irish half of me likes that a great deal.

That said, I had a couple of buds over tonight to watch us some college football. One of my buds brought an unopened bottle of Kentucky Gentleman bourbon, which'd been left at his house after a recent party.

None of us had ever had Kentucky Gentleman before. Upon cracking the seal, I poured about two ounces into three highball glasses. Then it was bottoms up. Five seconds later we all came to the collective conclusion that KG is the worst bourbon whiskey to ever grace God's green earth.

Wanna know what it's like to drink whiskey that tastes like it's been laced with chalk? Then round up $7.99 and get yourself a 750 ML bottle of Kentucky Gentleman at your local liquor store. You won't be glad you did.


Bluto said...

you obviously have never tried kentucky tavern. that is what got me through my last 2 years of college

Mister Jimmy said...

I take it that it's worse than Evan Williams then.

Good sour mash rules! But don't count out a good single barrel bourbon. Try some of that Eagle Rare. It's about twice what George D #12 runs but brother it'll clear your mind and open the universe!(I've heard there is a single barrel George D, we should give that a try!)

Tony C said...

That stuffs aweful! Stick to the Tennessee whiskey/whisky.

What's happened to our Commodores? They looked as bad as UT this weekend...and that's bad.

Joltin' Django said...

I'm ashamed to say that my drinks of choice in college were Natural Light and Miller Lite.

Mister Jimmy said...

When I was doing my college time, I'm proud to say I drank my share of draft PBR in frosty mugs at the Roman Room Happy Hour after my Friday classes. I could usually get there by 4:30. Nothing better on a warm Friday afternoon.