Friday, October 24, 2008

Sushi Nazis

Today's Wall Street Journal has a lengthy article about a new breed of sushi chefs: Sushi Nazis. Sushi Nazis dictate who eats what, refuse simple requests, and often throw people who don't order or eat right out of their restaurants. Sound familiar?

If you're seated at the sushi bar at Sasabune in New York, Sushi Nozawa in Los Angeles, or Sawa Sushi in Sunnyvale, Calif., a few words of advice: Don't try to order -- the chef will decide what you eat. Use extra soy sauce at your own risk. And don't ask for a California roll. You might get kicked out.

You have entered the domain of the sushi bullies -- top sushi chefs who serve only what they want, how they want it and to whom they want. Their rules are often posted on signs throughout their restaurants. Some chefs are notorious for ejecting patrons who annoy them.

Geri-Ayn Gaul had her first encounter with a raw-fish autocrat in August at Ino, in San Francisco. First, she tried to add some soy sauce to her seaweed salad. Big mistake. Chef Noboru Inoue scolded her, she says, telling her, "No, no, no. No soy sauce!" Then, she had the temerity to scrape some wasabi off a piece of sushi, because she doesn't like spicy food. The chef's response, she says: "'No. It needs the wasabi.'" She obeyed, and choked down the fish.

"I was so nervous, I spilled my miso soup," says Ms. Gaul, whose meal for two, with no alcohol, cost $75 -- before tip.

Read the rest here.

Lemme tell you something: If I'm ever in the middle of a $75 meal and I get "scolded" for eating what I'm eating, or how I want to eat it, somebody's gonna get as ass-whipping. And it ain't gonna be me.


Brian Stanley said...

I don't know about trying to whip a sushi chef. They may know Karate.

bluto said...

i would rather eat raw hamburger meat than raw fish

Mister Jimmy said...

Somehow, Omar, I don't think there's any danger we'll see you lolly-gaggin' around a sushi bar!