Friday, July 18, 2008

You can't beat Pete's heat

The Belmont Bi-Rite's plate-lunch counter serves up some of the best food in Nashville. If you're a regular AMGE reader, you know that already.

What I didn't know, until my ami Mr. Jimmy told me this evening, is that the Belmont Bi-Rite now offers little packets of Texas Pete at its plate-lunch counter, gratis:

Boy howdy, I do love me some Texas Pete hot sauce. And I respect the hell out of the Belmont Bi-Rite - as if I needed any additional reasons to admire the hell out of the place - for making Texas Pete available to its patrons.

If a day ever comes when I lose all sense of my liberty-lovin' faculties (that is, if I ever become another B. Hussein Obama), I'll urge my local lawmakers to pass legislation requiring restaurateurs to carry bottles or packets of hot sauce. That day ain't gonna come anytime soon, so I'll just keep heapin' praise on those eatin' places in which hot sauce(s) are offered alongside mustard and ketchup ... or is it catsup?

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Mister Jimmy said...

Yeah, what can you say? They keep taking it to the next level. First the meatloaf, then the 'sketti, now the Pete's? What's next, the DUKE'S in little packets?!