Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's Tomato Time in Tennessee! (update)

My tomatoes are ripening almost faster than I can pick 'em. This is what I picked this afternoon:

For dinner tonight, I used an entire tomato to make a mater sammich (on white bread with Duke's, of course). Then I sliced another tomato and ate it with some salt and pepper.

When I start to get my late evening sinking spell tonight, I'll probably eat me another sliced tomato. I'm already lookin' forward to it!


Mister Jimmy said...

Not five minutes ago I finished a sandwich of TN tomatoes, the DUKE'S, and a bit of Colby cheddar. It was so good I went back and had another.
"Brother, we are one!"
(Eat TN maters or don't eat . . no maters.)

Tim said...

hats off to you joltin django. my tomatoes look horrible this year. most are still green and are not big.