Sunday, July 27, 2008

On the road with Joltin' Django (part one)

Yesterday, I traveled to Humphreys County, Tennessee, for the Irish Picnic and Homecoming. The Irish Picnic, which has taken place for over 150 years, serves as a fundraiser for the Saint Patrick School in McEwen. Hundreds of pounds of pork and chicken are smoked for the Picnic, and not one ounce of smoked meat is left by the time it's over.

The Irish Picnic takes place each year on the last Friday and Saturday in July. Over the last dozen years, I think I've missed the Picnic one time. "Why would anyone want to drive to McEwen, of all places, year after year for some festival BBQ?" you may be asking. Well ...

First, to eat a heaping plate of juicy and perfectly-smoked BBQ, green beans, slaw, homemade pickles, tater salad, and white bread. This is all washed down, of course, with tea so sweet it could count as dessert. It ain't dessert, though. You can have scratch-made chocolate cake, chess and/or pecan pie, or homemade cookies.

This was my plate:

At this point I think I should tell you that this meal, which in actuality was two meals 'cause there was enough left over for dinner, cost the princely sum of $6.

My second reason for making an annual pilgrimage to the Irish Picnic is so's I can purchase a big-ass jug of the famous Irish Picnic BBQ sauce which is only available during Picnic Weekend, if you will. (I've been told that the super-secret recipe for the sauce is kept in a lockbox in a Dickson,TN, bank, though I've not been able to find a Picnic official who can confirm such.) This, my friends, is one of the finest BBQ sauces I've ever put in my mouth:

I'm already looking forward to next year's Irish Picnic. Wanna go?!

A couple more pics from the Picnic ...

The pit bosses start stoking the hickory charcoal on Thursday. Man, it is freaking hot 'round these pits:

Barbeque and bluegrass. Tain't a better combination in the world!


Brian Stanley said...

You didnt invite me!

Phillip Perry said...

I lived in Ashland City until Iwas 26 and we never went to the Irish Picnic until my wife to be took me to it. I didn't get to go this year because we were out of town but that is some of the best food I have ever eaten.