Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Take me back to 2000

First time I went to New Orleans was in 2000 ... October 2000, if memory serves.

During my first trip to the Crecent City, I procured a bottle of Red Rooster Lousiana Hot Sauce. I'm pretty sure I got it at the French Market.

It took me all of two weeks to empty said bottle of sauce, and I looked for it the next time I visited the French Market, some three years later. Not only could I not find it at the French Market, I couldn't find it anywhere in the French Quarter. I pretty much figured that I'd never be able to find it again.

Fast forward to February 2009 ...

Two weeks ago, I got a wild hair and looked for Red Rooster online. I found it, and I ordered me two big bottles (even though I also discovered that Red Roster is distributed by Bruce Foods, maker of the ├╝ber--salty "Original" Louisiana Hot Sauce). My bottles of Red Rooster arrived today.

Red Rooster ain't at all salty. It is, however, very, very hot. (No wonder I freakin' liked it so much so many years ago!) Red Rooster on chili ... Red Rooster on barbeque ... Red Rooster on hamburgers. Stay tuned for me to tell you about the foodstuffs upon which I'm pouring a hot sauce I ain't et for ten years.

You're excited, right?!


Brian Stanley said...

I have never been to New Orleans. You are up on that point on me.

Anonymous said...

Tabasco is all anyone on hot sauce needs, and you call yourself a man who gotta eat!