Sunday, February 01, 2009

More Mayberry

I made some white bean chili w/chicken for my neighbor's Super Bowl party tonight. I also baked up a batch of Mayberry's Finest Garlic and Herb biscuits. I promised to alert you whenever I prepared another Mayberry's Finest product, so, well, here's review number two ...

Out of the oven, Mayberry's Finest herb biscuits don't look nothin' like they look on the package. The finished product on the package is all golden and symmetrical; what I took out of the oven were pale and looked just like the cat-head biscuits I used to eat at a greasy spoon on the corner of Murfreesboro Road and Foster Avenue many years ago.

Hey, but don't let looks deceive you. Mayberry herb biscuits are pretty damn good. They were moist and infused with all kinds of herb-taste; and, more importantly, they were a great mop with which to sop (up) the gravy from my white bean chicken chili.

Something else you need to know 'bout Mayberry's Finest products: each and every can and package has printed on it a synopsis of a classic episode of Andy Griffith. "Goober and the Art of Love" is mentioned on the back of garlic-n-herb ... and that's one of my favorite all-time episodes.

Maybe that's why I liked them Mayberry herbed biscuits so much!


Brian Stanley said...

Just so you know, no groceries in Bellvue sell Mayberry products. I have looked.

Anonymous said...

a cathead buscuit aint a cathead without lard, just so you know!