Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Me so happy!

Once upon a time, there was a meat-'n'-three on Harding Place called City Cafe. The food served there was pretty good, but it certainly wasn't the best meat-and-taters cuisine I'd ever eaten. The main reason I ate at City Cafe - hell, the only reason I ate at City Cafe - was because I could get there, eat, and get back to my office in about 45 minutes.

Two years ago, give or take a month or two, City Cafe changed hands and became Happy Cafe. I went there once and came pretty damn close to asking for my money back. You see, the fried chicken tasted like TV dinner fried chicken; the green beans tasted like they'd been poured from a can directly into a steam tray; the mashed potatoes were clearly instant mashed potatoes; and the cornbread was so hard and dry it ... let's just say that it was pretty damn hard and dry.

I'm honored to announce that Happy Cafe is now under new ownership. Gone are the unseasoned vegetables, fake mashed potatoes and just-thawed meats. Happy Cafe now serves up juicy meatloaf full o' onions and seasoning; crispy fried chicken; green beans and turnip greens enhanced with just the right amount of smoked pork; creamy macaroni and cheese; and pinto and white beans that are clearly slow-soaked and even more slowly cooked (with just the right amount of salt and bacon).

The one thing that disturbed me about my visit to Happy Cafe was the lack of patrons in the dining room. The old Happy Cafe sucked so bad, maybe folks who live and work in the area are hesitant to spend their hard-earned money there. Well, I'm here to tell you that Happy Cafe don't suck no more. If you're looking for a damn fine meat-and-three in which to have lunch, you need to get your ass over there. You'll be HAPPY you did, indeed!

Happy Cafe
"A Southern Meat and Three"

Harding Place @ I-24
Nashville, Tennessee 37211


Brian Stanley said...

Your going to have to help me. I know where Harding is near 65 but where is it near 24?

Chris said...

I remember the City Cafe and enjoyed it a lot. I hope to visit the Happy Cafe soon.

Kim said...

If you say its good the next time I get to Nashville I will try it out!

MusicCityMissy said...

I've tried it since the new owners took over and it was as bad as the old if not worse. My coworker couldn't eat her baked chicken and asked for something else which wasn't much better. Can't remember what I had but it wasn't nearly as bad as her chicken was.

Joltin' Django said...

I've tried it since the new owners took over and it was as bad as the old if not worse.

Sorry, but I respectfully disagree.

Anonymous said...

pleasant atmosphere I went last Friday the fish was on point had catfish. I went 3 weeks ago on a Mon and I didnt think they would last mgr watching me eat as if they were scared of the food. It was roastbeef so so but huge improvement. When I went first time I couldnt smell the food but Friday I could smell the fish and chicken in the air. Dont kno bout all days havnt bn back on a Mon but I do kno Fri. A place to get in and get out I really enjoyed it