Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I will smoke 'em if I got 'em

This afternoon, I smoked the last Swisher Sweet cigar in my humidor. Yeah, I know, I shouldn't be smokin' no Swisher Sweets ... but lemme tell you how I came about 'em:

A little over a month ago, I spied a box of Swisher Sweet Perfecto cigars in a "clearance" shopping cart at a local chain drug store. It seems that the drug store was ridding itself on all non-cigarette tobacco products. I turned the box over and looked at the clearance price: 11 bucks for a box of 50 cigars. It was a deal I simply could not pass up.

If I'd ever smoked a Swisher Sweet cigar prior to purchasing an entire box of 'em, I certainly don't remember it. I do remember, however, that I once worked with a feller who smoked 8-10 Swisher Sweets a day; and I remember him telling me several times that one of the great pleasures of smoking Swisher Sweets was the fact that the cigars are, well, sweet. And so they are.

The first thing you notice when you place a Swisher Sweet cigar in your mouth is the extremely sweet residue on the puffing end. You might expect that said residue would rub off once the cigar was lit and smoked for a while. Wrong. The cigar stays sweet from the first puff until it becomes a stump that must be discarded. When Swisher said Sweet, they meant it.

So, the cigar is sweet. How does it smoke? I won't lie and say that Swisher Sweets are the best tastin' cigars I've ever smoked. They are quite mild, though; and I can honestly say that they are better than some of the "premium" cigars I've smoked in my life -- which tasted like burnt rubber and left a God-awful aftertaste in my mouth that lasted for hours.

Like I said, Swisher Sweet Perfectos aren't the best cigars in the world. They do, however, provide a mild, somewhat flavorful smoke that one can enjoy whilst mowing the yard, taking a stroll, or to calm one's nerves on traffic-choked roads on the way home from work (as I did today -- see above pic).

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