Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bar-B-Cutie straightens up its act

I had some pretty rough things to say about Bar-B-Cutie this time last year. Well, what a difference -- and a free meal -- a year makes.

My boss bought me a Bar-B-Cutie sammich on cornbread last week, and, oh, what a sammich it was:

First of all, the 'que in my sandwich was a whole lot more juicy and tender than the pulled-pork I bought last year. I don't know what Bar-B-Cutie's done in the last year to improve the quality of their pork, but they need to keep it up.

In addition, the cornbread on which my sandwich was served was very, very good. My Granny Katherine - my dad's mother - used to make cornbread like that (as opposed to the skillet cornbread that my Granny Ruby made with every meal). One thing you need to know 'bout cornbread like that is the fact that if it sits around too long, it gets mushy as oatmeal. Bar-B-Cutie's cornbread wasn't mushy at all. In fact, it was crisp on the outside, and moist on the inside, and served as a perfect substitute for a bun.

I will be going back to Bar-B-Cutie for another sammich on cornbread ... even though I'll be paying next time!

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Brian Stanley said...

can't bring myself to eat pork in a restaurant called "cutie"

where you been django?