Monday, November 30, 2009

Something that needs to be brung out ...

A few weeks back, I found myself in possession of a coupon entitling me to a free small order of Wendy's chili. I'd never had Wendy's chili, which was surprising 'cause (a) I love chili, and (b) there's a Wendy's within walking distance from my home.

With cool winds now whipping 'round Nashville, I decided to make use of my free chili coupon ce soir. I wasn't expecting much when I began to dig in; and when I was finished, I wasn't too awful impressed.

Now, Wendy's chili has some good things going for it: a thick, rich "broth"; lots o' juicy ground beef; plenty o' beans; and big hunks o' onions, tomatoes and celery (!). However, I'd be willing to wager that all of the fish sticks and chicken strips served in Nashville's elementary schools today packed more heat than a cup of Wendy's chili.

I'm sure Wendy's corporate hacks long ago decided that "bland chili" would appeal to the vast majority of fast-food consumers who think black pepper is hot. (That's Marketing 101, and it's completely understandable to this former étudiant de sciences économiques.)

But what about Wendy's patrons who like their chili on the spicy side? How come the folks at Wendy's don't offer sliced pickled peppers, or hot sauce, or chili flakes -- or something -- to spice their chili up a bit?

As Goober Pyle might say, that' a question that needs to be "brung out."


Cindy said...

The Wendy's here in FL offer a packet of hot sauce that you can add to spice up your chili. But usually you have to ask for it since they don't offer all the time. Lucky if they remember to give you a pack of crackers to go with it. :)

Mister Jimmy said...

I think they keep the chili a bit bland on purpose: makes it easier to drink it on the way in to work while you drive. Also, doesn't clash with the flavor of your sour mash should you choose to mix the two.