Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wrap it up, I'll take it

I've told AMGE readers many times that Publix is my favorite supermarket. I now have another reason to like the place, which you see in the picture above.

I had to stop at Publix today to pick up a few things. As I was passing the deli, I saw some turkey and roast beef wraps that looked mighty fine, I tell you what. Since I hadn't had lunch yet, I quickly grabbed me a turkey wrap and never looked back.

What you see in that picture is a Publix wrap with Boar's Head turkey, marinated vegitables (onions, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms), green leaf lettuce, and feta cheese. Oh, and a Boar's Head pickle.

My turkey wrap looked so good, I tore into it in the car. I ate half of it then and saved the rest for dinner. Rest assured, the second half of that wrap got a good dousing of hot sauce (Tabasco® green sauce) before I took a bite. When I did take a bite, I remarked, to no one in particular, "Damn, that's good!"

If you're ever at Publix, and you're hungry, I encourage you to try a Boar's Head turkey wrap.


Tenn Irish said...

Publix seems to me to be a lot more expensive than Kroger. And the closest one to me is on Murfreesboro Rd past Nashboro Village. The Kroger in that place is on my way home from work (when I actually am working).

Joltin' Django said...

"Publix seems to me to be a lot more expensive than Kroger."

I'll agree that Publix is probably a bit more expensive when it comes to brand-name stuff. Publix store-brand products, however, match up with Kroger's pretty well -- believe me, I've done comparisons.

That said, there are four primary reasons I shop at Publix more often than I do at Kroger:

1. The quality of Publix's produce and meat far surpases Kroger's.

2. Publix stocks SO many things that I've not been able to find in any other Nashville grocery store (simply type "French bread" in this Web site's search feature and you'll see an example).

3. Kroger employs some of the most surly, unhelpful empoloyees in the U.S. of A. I have NEVER been in a Publix when an empolyee didn't greet me or ask if I needed help.

4. Publix's deli is vastly superior to Kroger's. First, Publix stocks Boar's Head meats (!), and they serve up some damn fine chicken wings (again, look for "Publix chicken wings" in AMGE's search function.

Tenn Irish said...

Reason # 3 resonates very strongly with me. Which leads me to another story. I price checked washing machines at Home Depot and Lowe's today on Old Hickory Blvd near the Kroger that used to be something else in the 90s. I was determined not to buy anything major from Home Depot because of some surliness of a return counter employee who caused me to go sarcastic on him. Again, this was a few years back. I still remember his glazed eyes when I snapped "Sorry to make you do your job, dude!" So I bought my machine at Lowe's even though the guy who waited on me today was almost as bad as that guy from way back when. Don't they know there's a Recession on, or do they think this is New Jersey?