Friday, August 14, 2009

Fe, fi, fo, phở (deux)

I'm continuing my quest to see if I can find a bowl of phở that's better than King Market's phở. Next up, Thai Star Restaurant ...

A friend recently told me about a liquor store on East Thompson Lane that has a phenomenal wine selection. His only directions were, "It's in the Kroger strip mall." I went looking for that strip mall today, and I was hoping to find a new wine shop to add to my list o' favorites. What I found instead was an eatin' spot which I've now added to my list o' favorite Asian restaurants.

At first glance, Thai Star looks like the myriad "Chinese" restaurants that seem to be on every corner in Nashville -- all of which serve the same dozen dishes slathered in the same dozen sauces. However, I did a rather quick double-take when I saw the large "PHO Noodle Soup" sign in the window. Thank God no one was tailgating me because I immediately hit the brakes and pulled into a parking spot nearby.

Before I get to the phở, two things bear mentioning. First, Thai Star serves complimentary egg rolls -- fresh-made egg rolls -- with each dine-in order. Second, Thai Star has certain aesthetic qualities which should no doubt appeal to men who gotta eat ... and I'll leave it at that (you can e-mail me if you need further details).

Thai Star features two kinds o' phở: beef (with thin slices of sirloin and beef meatballs) and seafood (with shrimp and scallops). I was in a beefy mood, so I ordered accordingly.

First thing I noticed about Thai Star's phở was the fact that it was loaded with lots of thin slices of beef, which you can see in this pic:

[click pic for a mouthwateringly close-up view]

There were so many slivers of beef in that bowl, I was still finding them after I'd determined that I'd my fill o' phở, thus necessitating my having to ask for a take-home container.

Thai Star's broth had a subtle heat to it, which I, of course, loved. It was loaded with white and green onions, cilantro, noodles and ... celery. I do not recall ever eating phở that had celery in it. Now don't get me wrong, I love celery. I'm just not sure I want it in my phở (it adds an unecessary, er, unneeded, crunch, if you know what I mean).

My only real beef - no pun intended - with Thai Star's phở was the fact that it contained no basil. Not only that, the garnish plate was also basil-free. I asked my server for some fresh basil and, well, let's just say that the look I got ... I might as well've asked for some borscht. I wanted to say, "Phở's supposed to have basil in it, you know!" But I was enjoying that phở too much to make a big deal over a culinary trivial triviality (apologies to B. Fife and Mr. Jimmy).

On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 representing King Market's phở, Thai Star gets a solid 8.5. If they ditch the celery and get some basil, they'll be knocking on the King Market's door ... knocking but not entering.

Thai Star Restaurant
63 East Thompson Lane
Nashville, TN 37211

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