Monday, June 29, 2009

Fe, fi, fo, phở (un)

It's no secret that I'm ****in' crazy about the phở soup served at King Market. Indeed, type "King Market" into this blog's search engine and you'll see what I mean.

I got me an unsigned e-mail from a feller or gal last week -- "Prepstar550," is that a feller or gal?! -- with this, ahem, message: "You need to get out of Antioch if you want to eat PHO" (emphasis Prepstar550's).

Well. Even though I've had phở soup in lots of Asian restaurants, and even though I'm pretty sure that King Market serves the finest phở in Antioch/Nashville, ol' Prep's inspired me: I'm gonna fan out into my ville on a quest to find the very best phở in Music City. When I'm done, I'm pretty sure that King Market will still be one for me; however, I will not hesitate to admit to say "I was wrong" if I find something better.

The quest in, well, question is gonna take a while ... so don't expect a "the results are in" post before, say, January. That said, here's my gid-E-up post:

P.S. Noodle Pot hasn't been doin' business for too very long; I think they've been open for about a year. I pass P.S. every time I go to Publix -- that is, at least once a week -- but I'd never really thought about stopping there until I was challenged by Prepstar550.

P.S. Noodle Pot is a quaint little eating spot with an extra-friendly staff. Fox News blares on several TVs -- a definite plus in my book. P.S.'s menu features a couple-dozen standard Asian dishes, like Pad Thai, and they serve all the standard Asian beers: Tsingtao, Beer Lao, Singha, etc.

Now, I didn't go to P.S. Noodle Pot to eat Pad Thai or drink beer. I went there to try just one thing: phở. (If you're unfamiliar with phở soup, you can read about it here.) Here's the verdict:

P.S. Noodle Pot's basic phở is a little pricier than King Market's. That's to be expected, however, because a small bowl of P.S.'s phở has seafood in it -- shrimp and scallops, as you can see in this picture:

The broth was very flavorful, and it glistened with little droplets of "flavor" 'cause of the half-dozen large slivers of beef in it. Oh, and it came chock full o' white and green onions and lots of cilantro.

My only beef - no pun intended - with P.S. Noodle Pot's phở is the noodles they use. It's a broad, flat noodle that provides crunch where no crunch is needed. Unfortunately, P.S.'s noodles remind me of some God-awful broad, flat instant noodles I once purchased at the Nashville Farmer's Market.

All that said, P.S. Noodle Pot's phở is pretty good. But it ain't as good as King Market's phở. So there, Prepstar550.

P.S. Noodle Pot
1307 Bell Road
Antioch, TN 37013

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