Wednesday, June 10, 2009

For the record ...


[Chef Gordon] Ramsay apologized Wednesday for comparing Australian TV newscaster Tracy Grimshaw to a pig. He said he knew he'd gone too far when his mother phoned him in a huff.

"When your mum rings you, and it's a bollocking down the telephone, then of course you start to get the picture," he told Grimshaw's program "A Current Affair."

For the record, Gordon Ramsay would never talk to me like he so often talks to his kitchen bitches. Indeed, reckon how Ramsay's triple-wrinkled forhead would crinkle when he was confronted with my American-made 9mm whilst he embarked on one of his patented rantin' 'n' ravin' culinary tirades ...?!

That's a question for the ages, indeed.

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