Thursday, November 29, 2007

Varallo Famous Chili

Yesterday, a co-worker who'd recently overheard me getting all worked up over Varallo's chili gave me this ...

... which I ate for dinner ce soir.


Varallo Famous Foods Chili With Beans is, without a doubt, the finest canned chili I've ever eaten.

Unlike practically every canned chili I've ever consumed, Varallo Famous Chili has visible chunks of tomato in its sauce -- not to mention chunks of ground beef that taste like, well, chunks of ground beef.

Now, Varallo chili is a tad on the salty sice (which is true of most canned foodstuffs). Hit it with a dollop of sour cream, like I did, and you won't know no difference!


I have no idea if Nashville's Varralo-brand chili has any past/present relationship with Nashville's Varallo's restaurant. I'm looking into the matter; and I will fo' sho' give my readers a heads-up when I have more info, indeed.

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