Monday, March 22, 2010

"You get smart when you eat fish"

Fish, as you're probably aware, has been a staple of the Japanese table for centuries. The Wall Street Journal reports, however, that fish consumption in Japan has been steadily declining. Indeed, [p]er capita fish-eating fell below that of meat in 2006." And the average Japanese household now spends 23 percent less on seafood than it did in 2000.

Japanese bureaucrats and seafood industry execs are taking drastic steps to arrest the decline in fish consumption. For example, one seafood trade group has enlisted one of Japan's most famous rock bands, Gyoko, to sing the praises - literally - of eating fish. Here're some lyrics from Gyoko's "Fish Heaven":

Fish, fish, fish
You get smart when you eat fish
Smart, smart, smart
Fish, fish, fish
You get healthy when you eat fish
Healthy, healthy, healthy

Doesn't that sound like something from a Simpsons episode?!

Read the entire article here.

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