Monday, March 15, 2010

Le bon confort

One of my favorite things to cook at home is a big skillet of Italian sausages, onions, and green peppers ...

A dish that good-looking ain't hard to re-create:

Get you a package of Italian sausages (I prefer spicy Johnsonvilles). Use a really sharp knife to cut 'em into inch-long slices. With the same knife, chop up a couple o' green peppers and a couple o' onions (white onions, preferably). Heat a tablespoon or two of olive oil in a non-stick skillet and brown your sausages over medium heat, turning frequently. When the sausages are cooked through, remove 'em to drain on paper towels and pour off all but about a tablespoon of the accumulated grease in the skillet.

Throw the onions and peppers into your skillet and cook 'til the onions are clear, 'bout 5 minutes. Then throw your sausages back in, along with a healthy pinch of sweet basil ... and an even healthier pinch of red pepper flakes. Stir it all up and enjoy the hell outta it.

With all that said, it's my duty as a bloggin' foodie (!) to say this:

Joltin' Django's sausages 'n' onions 'n' peppers are damn good, but they're not as damn good -- perhaps I should say my stuff ain't as ***damn good -- as the sausages 'n' onions 'n' peppers served on the buffet at Angelo's Picnic Pizza.

And, as I'm very often wont to say, that ain't no shit, neither.

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Brian Stanley said...

when you give up cooking, you should get a gig in photography. That looks good Django!