Saturday, March 13, 2010

I hate to hear this ...

With all due respect to, I seen this on AgDay two weeks ago:

What's worse than having to endure a long, hard winter? Enduring a long, hard winter as a crawfish.

Crawfish hate the cold. When the temperature dips, they respond in kind, burrowing into the mud and refusing to eat. That means the few critters that have wriggled into farmers' traps this season are too puny to impress the many Louisianans who traditionally feast on crawfish during Lent.

"Mother Nature's throwing us a curve ball, and the trouble is she keeps throwing them," says Stephen Minville, director of the Louisiana Crawfish Farmers Association.

Minville's 2010 harvest stands at about 30 percent of his typical year-to-date haul, with the most successful farmers topping out at 40 percent. "Optimism is running out," Minville says.

Read the rest here.

I hate to think what my annual Spring crawfish boil's gonna cost me this year, indeed.


Brian Stanley said...

Will I be invite to your next mudbug boil?

Joltin' Django said...

Will I be invite to your next mudbug boil?

You will, sir, If you leave your Obama buttons at the door ... and peel the Obama sticker from your car prior to pulling into my driveway!

Brian Stanley said...