Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bon anniversaire!

In my humble estimation, there ain't many things in this world that're better-tasting than a grilled cheese sammich made with Wonder Bread.

So there.

That said ...

Who doesn't love Wonder Bread?

With its soft white center and melt-in-your-mouth crust, used in making everything from peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to grilled cheese, its been a staple on American tables. And lately it's received celeb endorsement too, making an appearance in Lady Gaga's "Telephone" video.

Advertised for the first time on May 21, 1921 -- after Taggart Baking Co. in Indianapolis "spent 1920 perfecting the quintessential American white bread" -- Wonder Bread is still going strong after 90 years on our plates, the Leesville Daily Leader reported.

The bread was named by Elmer Cline who was inspired by the International Balloon Races in Indianapolis. Ever since, the iconic red, yellow and blue balloons have featured prominently on the loaf's packaging, the paper reported.

When Wonder Bread became one of the first sliced loaves on the market in 1930, sales took off and it became the American staple we know today.

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Tenn Irish said...

Wonderbread helps build strong bodies 12 ways. A slogan any kid can believe in. I'll have to watch that "Telephone" video again, you know, for, um...uh...research. It may be the proof the bakery was always looking for.