Monday, May 24, 2010

Hey, ya'll

Paula Deen. I go outta my way not to see her on TV.

Paula Deen can wield a seasoned-skillet alright, but the "Hey, ya'll" crap got old a long time ago. And then some.

That said, a family friend recently visited Paula Deen's rest'runt in Savannah, GA, and she brung me back a bottle o' Ms. Deen's signature hot sauce ...

I'll admit that I wasn't expecting much immediately prior to sampling Ms. Deen's sauce. After gulping down a teaspoon of Ms. Deen's stuff, however, I was loudly admitting -- to no one in particular -- that I have new found respect for the silver-haired honey. Here's why ...

If you like Bruce Foods' Original Louisiana Hot Sauce, you'll LOVE Paula Deen's hot sauce. Ms. Deen's sauce has all the kick of the "original" Louisiana Hot Sauce (plus a big little more), and it's about one-quarter less salty -- not that I have anything against salt, but when I'm guzzling a hot sauce (literally), I want to taste the peppers 'n' not the salt.

And so it goes with Paula Deen's sauce ...

It has lots of cayenne flavor, and it has more heat than you'd expect from a celebrity hot sauce. Bowl o' chili, bowl o' gumbo, roasted chicken ... I can't think of nothing that Paula Deen's wouldn't be good on.


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