Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I don't like eggs, but ...

This man would probably enjoy the hell outta this ...

When mixed with dynamite, bacon makes a powerful explosive but when it's mixed with eggs, it creates a taste explosion. If your mouth hasn't exploded in a while, give it a TNT taste bud blast tonight with some bacon shell tacos. It'll satisfy your hunger cravings until Thursday and it will make your colon finally give you the respect you deserve.


4 packages of bacon
2 ilbs of carne asada
diced tomatoes
1 bag of lettuce
1 container of sour cream
1 bags
[sic] of monterey jack shredded cheese
6 eggs
1 jar of hot salsa


Weave 8-10 strips of bacon tighly into the shape of a taco shell

Create two aluminum foil sculptures in the shape of taco shells and place the pieces of woven bacon onto them

Cook in the oven at 400 degrees for 10-15 minutes

Start grilling the carne asada on the grill and cooking the eggs at the exact same time you put the bacon shells in the oven since it takes generally the same amount of time to cook all three of them.

Fill the bacon shells with carne asada, egg, the toppings of your choice and eat them.


Anonymous said...

your on the peta permanent shit list, arent you???

Brian Stanley said...

I don't like eggs either. But that looks like something right off Man VS Food. And I think I would like it.

Tenn Irish said...

I like to mix turkey bacon with egg beaters and maybe mushrooms, tomatoes, bell peppers and onions. No need to add anything for flavor. Just stir fry.

Anonymous said...

The recepie left out
"servings: about 2"