Wednesday, July 07, 2010

"What the ...?!" pic of the day

I was travelling past the Steak Out on Lebanon Road today when I spied this banner hangin' in the window:

The fact that the Tennessean's readers think Steak Out serves the best burgers in town -- instead of Rotier's, Brown's Diner, Gabby's (I can think of about a dozen different restaurants that serve better burgers than Steak-freakin'-Out) -- says a lot about ... well, I think you know what I'm talking about.

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BP said...

Whether or not the folks at the Tennessean will ever admit it, they have to be embarassed at the way these awards have played out in the first two years. Don't forget that Bar-B-Cutie has won not only Best Barbecue, but Best Overall Restaurant both of the first two years. The voting is obviously susceptible to some manner of ballot-stuffing.

As much of a joke as it is, though, I have come to look forward to the results, strictly for the high unintentional comedy factor.