Thursday, July 08, 2010

Another one bites the dust

Back in April, or maybe it was March, I took notice of a little Indian joint, name o' Bombay Garden, located near a music store I frequently frequent (for guitar string-purchasing purposes, you see). The "$5.99 Indian Lunch Buffet" sign strung atop the restaurant's storefront drew me right in, and, lemme tell you, I enjoyed the hell outta the food I ate there.

I snapped some pics, two of which you can see here:

and here:

I so enjoyed my eatin' off o' the Bombay Garden buffet so much, I failed to jot down -- or even make a mental note -- of the names of the dishes I was eatin', all of which were clearly noted on the buffet table(s.)

"Not to fear," I says to myself upon leaving the place, "I'll go back in a couple o' days, and I'll take more pics, and I'll make a note 'bout everything I eat -- and I'll post it all up on A Man's Gotta Eat."

Well, sad to say, it took me more than a couple of months to find time to go back to Bombay Garden; this is what I got to see in Bombay Garden's window when I returned:

Bombay Garden is still on vacation. Indeed, the folks who own it are SO on vacation that they took the restaurant's tables, chairs, and other fixtures with 'em.

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Sabrina said...

We have two indian places in Franklin and both serve a lunch buffet. Oddly enough, they are very close to one another. One is called Taste of India (owned by the same who run Sitar in Nashville) and the other is called Bombay Bistro. They are on Carouthers Parkway which runs parallel to I-65.