Monday, October 05, 2009

I'll smoke 'em 'cause I got 'em

Back in August, I took advantage of Cigars International 's "20 Assorted Cigars for $20" offer in Investor's Business Daily. I figured it'd be a cheap way to fill my humidor.

The first smoke I, well, smoked from my 20-for-$20 sample was a 5 Vegas 6" torpedo:

Said smoke not only burned -- for some 10 minutes -- evenly, it left a very subtle "burn" on my tongue; and each puff had hints of dark chocolate and coffee.

"This was an eight-dollar cigar!" I said to myself when it finished. Damn Cigars International for selling it to me for a buck!!!

Just so you know, I paired my 5 Vegas with a pint of Guinness, but I imagine it would go just as well with a glass of red wine ... and a steak.

NOTE: Stay tuned for more smoke reviews from my CI Collection ...

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Mister Jimmy said...

When you smoke your 'gar and sip your wine do you have your pinky finger out? I'd like to see that!
Had me a giant burger last night, made it at home. About 8 oz of ground round.By the time I was through prepping I'd used four different hot sauces! And some Duke's, and some meat sauce. Ended up having to eat the dang thing with a fork. I paired my burger with a glass of Famous Grouse!