Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bière au déjeuner? Oui!

European workers make some crazy-ass demands (i.e., 30-hour workweeks, month-long vacations, the right to retire before they get their first gray hair, etc.) and then wonder -- wonder, not worry about -- why their productivity lags behind that of American and Japanese workers.

What's the latest crazy-ass demand made by workers on the Continent? The right to drink on the job, of course! The Wall Street Journal tells us about it ...

Michael Christiansen, a truck driver turned union representative, is fighting hard to preserve one of the last, best perks of the beer industry: the right to drink on the job.

Mr. Christiansen's union brethren are wort boilers, bottlers, packers and drivers at Carlsberg A/S, Denmark's largest brewer. For a century, they've had the right to cool off during a hard day's work with a crisp lager.

But on April 1, the refrigerators were idled and daily beer spoils were capped at three pint-sized plastic cups from a dining hall during lunch hour.

Now that I think about it, three pint-sized cups of beer at lunch would probably hit the spot!

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