Thursday, December 17, 2009

Time is absolutely runnin' out

If you like country ham, you need to get yourself out to Mt. Juliet sometime between now and Christmas Eve. Just so you know, Ed Rice's country hams are ... well, by God, they're the best country hams in the whole, wide world. (Don't trust my word --just look at all the ribbons he's won.)

Stay tuned for pics of my Ed Rice 'n' Son ham. You'll see 'em, oh, about one week from today.

Edward Rice and Son
12217 Lebanon Road
Mt. Juliet, Tennessee


Barker said...

I dont agree with your right wing ass about anything. But I do agree that Rice is the best country ham in Tennessee.

Joltin' Django said...

I hestitate to get political here at AMGE; but you got to admit that my "right-wing ass" had B. Hussein Obama pegged back in mid-'08 when I said he was a naïve buffoon who'd get all socialist if he ever got elected ...

And THAT's just what Obama's gone and f'in' done!!!

So there.