Wednesday, September 09, 2009

"A really good pickle"

George: I've never had a normal, medium orgasm.
Jerry: I've never had a really good pickle.

-- Seinfeld, "The Heart Attack"

The best pickle I ever had in my life was a huge kosher dill I consumed at Katz's Deli in New York City in 2001. I've consumed many, many pickles - in restaurants and out of jars - since I ate that Lower East Side pickle. None of 'em, and I mean none of 'em, held a candle to a Katz pickle ...

Whilst perusing the butter and cheese aisle at my local Publix today, I spied a small display of very expensive pickles (6 bucks for a 16-ounce jar) name o' Bubbies. Intrigued, by the price more than anything, I picked up a jar of Bubbies and started checking it out.

The first thing that caught my eye was the label that proudly proclaimed "No Sugar, No Vinegar, No Preservatives." The whole "no vinegar" thing was enough to provoke me into buying a jar. Pickles are supposed to be "steeped" in vinegar, right? I mean, that's how Ms. Clara made her award-winning pickles.

Tonight, I made me a turkey sammich on honey wheat - with Duke's mayo and sliced tomatoes from my garden - and I garnished it with several Bubbies pickles. Here's the verdict:

Vinegar or no vinegar, Bubbies pickles are the best jarred pickles I've ever had. Period. And they're tastier than any deli pickle I've had since I returned from NYC in '01 (sorry Noshville).

Bubbies pickles have lots o' "snap" to 'em (forget that big white stork), and they tickle your tongue with lots o' fresh dill and fresh garlic (forget vinegar). Again, I've never had a store-bought pickle as good as a Bubbies pickle.

[Sidebar: Actress Hayden Panatierre, a little left-wing Hollywood nitwit (emphasis on little), expressed her "love" for Bubbies pickles in the July 27 People magazine. Ms. Panatierre might not know sh** when it comes to presidential politics, but at least she knows a good pickle when she tastes it!]


Utto said...

the noshville mafia is now out for you

Anonymous said...

bubbie's sauerkraut is good too, but very expensive